Hersteller Tapename/Modulname Type 1 Type 2 Date Game RAM Tool Tape Modul Eprom Disk
Abacus Software Hires Utility Multicolor Utility 1981 X X
Abacus Software Piper The Music Machine 1981 X X
Abacus Software Graphvics 1981 X X
Abacus Software Vigil Interpreters Vigil Games 1981 X X
Academy IFR Fligt Simulator X X
Academy Software Word Invaders 1982 X X
ACE Quasimodo X X
ACS Air Combat Emulator X X
Addictive Football Manager X X
ALA Software Safe Cracker OX 1523 1983 X X
ALA software Slot Machine VCG 13399 1983 X X
Altanative Soft The Catch Exterminator Antmatter Triple 1 Decker X X
AM 16k static Ram X X
Anirog Cosmic Commando X X
Anirog Flight Path 737 X X
Anirog Dracula X X
Anirog MAX X X
Anirog Zok´s Kingdom X X
Anirog Star Defender X X
Anirog Fire Galaxy X X
Anirog Xeno 11 X X
Anirog Skramble X X
Anirog Pharaoh´s Tomb X X
Anirog Grawler X X
Anirog Tom Thumb X X
Anirog Krazy Kong 1983 X X
ASC Arcadia X X
ASK Rainbow Towers X X
ASK Number Gluper X X
ASK Shape UP X X
Atarisoft Battlezone RX8547 X X
Atarisoft Galaxian RX8541 X X
Atarisoft Pac Man RX8501 X X
Atarisoft Moon Patrol RX8532 X X
Atarisoft Dig Dug RX8510 X X
Atarisoft Defender RX8507 X X
Atarisoft Robotron 2084 RX8520 X X
Atarisoft Donkey Kong RX8513 X X
Atarisoft Jungle Hunt RX8529 X X
Atarisoft Ms. Pac Man RX8544 X X
Atarisoft Pole Position RX8535 X X
Atarisoft Centipepe RX8504 X X
Atlantis Death Race AT 203 X X
Atlantis Operation Ganymed AT 202 X X
Atlantis Space Escort AT 205 X X
Atlantis Forbidden Tower AT 207 X X
Atlantis Cops´n Robbers AT 206G X X
Atlantis Mosquito AT 201 X X
Atlantis Super Breakout AT 204 X X
Audiogenic Basic and Machine Code Programming AIDS +3k Ram VP052 VP074 Vic Pack X X X
Audiogenic Satellites and Meteotites VP050 Vic Pack X X
Audiogenic Gata CLYSM X X
AVS Flight Zero one Five X X
AVS Whirlwind one Fire X X
Beau Jolly Value Pack 6Games X X
Beyond Mountain King X X
Broderbund A.E. X X
Broderbund Lode Runner X X
Broderbund Master Type X X
Broderbund Sea Fox X X
Broderbund Skyblazer X X
Bubble bus the catch X X
Bubble bus antimatter splatter X X
bubble bus Exterminator X X
Bug Byte VIC Panic X X
Bug Byte Chess X X
Bug Byte Backgammon X X
Bug Byte Q Warrior X X
Bug Byte Asteroids BBS 00203 1982 X X
Bug Byte Vicgammon 1982 X X
Bug Byte Cosmiads BBS 00204 X X
Canadian Tire Complimentary Game Pack X X
Cardco Inc Write now Word Processor C01 X X
Cardco inc 16k Ram 16 X X
cascade 50 Fantastic Games on one Cassette 1983 X X
CBS Soft. K-Razy Antik X X
CBS Soft. K-Star Patrol X X
Century Micro 16k Ram X X
Commodore Free VIC-20 Programms 1982 X X
Commodore Junior Maths Engineshed X X
Commodore Emmet Attack X X
Commodore Mastermind 3511 X X
Commodore Vocabulary 3431 X X
Commodore General Knowledge 3436 X X
Commodore Spelling One 3437 X X
Commodore The Alphabet 3430 X X
Commodore Arithmetic 3434 X X
Commodore Arithmetic One 3432 X X
Commodore VIC Writer X X
Commodore Simple Calc X X
Commodore Simple Calc X X
Commodore Midnight Drive VIC 1909 X X
Commodore Avenger VIC 1901 X X
Commodore Star Battle VIC 1902 X X
Commodore Slot VIC 1904 X X
Commodore Jelly Monsters VIC 1905 X X
Commodore Alien VIC 1906 X X
Commodore Jupiter Lander VIC 1907 X X
Commodore Sargon II Chess VIC 1919 X X
Commodore Poker VIC 1908 X X
Commodore The Count Adventure VIC 1917 X X
Commodore Pinball VIC 1920 X X
Commodore Pirate´s Cove Adventure VIC 1915 X X
Commodore Adventure Land Adventure VIC 1914 X X
Commodore Raid on Fort Knox VIC 1913 X X
Commodore Mole Attack VIC 1912 X X
Commodore The Sky is Falling VIC 1911 X X
Commodore Radar Rat Race VIC 1910 X X
Commodore Personal Finance VIC 1929 X X
Commodore Mission Impossible Adventure VIC 1916 X X
Commodore Voodoo Castle Adventure VIC 1918 X X
Commodore Number Nabber Shape Grabber VIC 1941 X X
Commodore Star Post VIC 1939 X X
Commodore Tooth Invaders VIC 1938 X X
Commodore Sea Wolf VIC 1937 X X
Commodore Commodore Artist VIC 1935 X X
Commodore Speed Math & Bingo Math VIC 1933 X X
Commodore Garden Wars VIC 1923 X X
Commodore Super Smash VIC 1921 X X
Commodore Visible Solar System VIC 1930 X X
Commodore Home Babysitter VIC 1928 X X
Commodore Cosmic Jailbreak VIC 1927 X X
Commodore Menagerie VIC 1926 X X
Commodore Money Wars VIC 1925 X X
Commodore Omega Race VIC 1924 X X
Commodore Gorf VIC 1923 X X
Commodore Cosmic Cruncher VIC 1922 X X
Commodore Clowns VIC 1931 X X
Commodore Mathematics 1 3402 X X
Commodore Mathematics 2 3403 X X
Commodore Biology 3404 X X
Commodore English Language 3401 X X
Commodore Chemistry 3405 X X
Commodore Geography 3408 X X
Commodore VIC Road User 3407 X x
Commodore VIC File X X
Commodore Physics Revision X X
Commodore Jigsaw 2211 X X
Commodore 8k Ram VIC 1110 X X
Commodore Programmer´s Aid VIC 1212 X X
Commodore 16k Ram VIC 1111 X X
Commodore Super Expander with 3k Ram VIC 1211A X X X
Commodore IEEE-488 Intervace VIC 1112 X X
Commodore RS 232C Terminal Type VIC 1011A X X
Commodore 3k Ram VIC 1210 X X
Commodore Diagnostic-Test mit allen Adaptern 324159-01 X X
Commodore Machine Language Monitor VIC 1213 X X
Commodore VIC Money Manager X X
Commodore Birds & Apple Tree X X
Commodore Basic Part 1 X X
Commodore Basic Part 2 X X
Commodore VIC Stock Control X X
Commodore VIC Modem 1600 X X X
Commodore Juniors Math Fun Series 1 3440 X X
Commodore Juniors Math Fun Series 2 3441 X X
Commodore Brain Builder 3451 X X
Commodore Drub & Defend 2210 X X
Commodore Space Snake 2213 X X
Commodore Stop Thief 2214 X X
Commodore Parachute 2215 X X
Commodore Sir Hero 2218 X X
Commodore Patience 2206 X X
Commodore Spectre 2207 X X
Commodore Race X X
Commodore Strategie Advance X X
Commodore Blitz 1981 X X
Commodore Type A Tune X X
Commodore Fun Mathematics X X
Commodore Ask the Family 3510 X X
Commodore Know your own Personality 3504 X X
Commodore Quiz Master 3501 X X
Commodore History 20th Century 3409 X X
Commodore VIC Road User 3507 X X
Commodore Money Decisions I VIC-2004 X X
Commodore Auto-Rallye Silberling X X
Commodore Black Max Silberling X X
Commodore Brennball Silberling X X
Commodore China-Clan Silberling X X
Commodore Earth Defence Silberling X X
Commodore Gobang Silberling X X
Commodore Gefährlicher Regen Silberling X X
Commodore Hell Driver Silberling X X
Commodore Invasion aus dem All Silberling X X
Commodore Kanone Silberling X X
Commodore Luftkampf Silberling X X
Commodore Spielautomat Silberling X X
Commodore Super-Copra Silberling X X
Commodore Synthesizer Silberling X X
Commodore Ufo Silberling X X
Commodore Kegeln Silberling X X
Commodore Biorhytmus Silberling X X
Commodore Sonderzeichen-Editor Silberling X X
Commodore Autobahn Silberling X X
Commodore 17+4 Silberling X X
Commodore Panzerschlacht Silberling X X
Commodore Adressen-Register Silberling X X
Commodore Hi-Res Editor Silberling X X
Commodore Hoppit X X
Commodore Basic-Kurs Silberling X X
Commodore Owerri Silberling X X
Commodore Fahr-Simulator Silberling X X
Computer Soft Barrel Jumper X X
Computer Soft Practicalc Plus X X
Computer Software Assocates Composer CVOT 32 X X
Creative Apple Panic X X
Creative Astroblitz X X
Creative Black Hole X X
Creative Choplifter X X
Creative Household Finance X X
Creative In the Chips X X
Creative Pipes X X
Creative Rat Hotel X X
Creative Serpentine X X
Creative Spills and Fills X X
Creative Terra Guard X X
Creative Trashman X X
Creative Videomania X X
Creative Software VIC Trap  Seawolf  Bounce Out 1981 X X
Creative Software Decision Maker VP039 Vic Pack 1981 X X
Creative Software Home Inventory VP042 Vic Pack 1981 X X
Creative Software Household Finance VP043 Vic Pack 1981 X X
Creative Software Car Costs Part I + II 1981 X X
Creative Software Loan Analyzer Part I + II 1981 X X
Creative Sparks Computer War TNCA21 X X
Creative Sparks Supmarine Commander X X
Creative Sparks Tank Commander X X
Data 20 16k Ram X X
Datatronic VIC Forth X X
dk tronics The Slicker Puzzle X X
Dr. Watson Assembly Language Course X X
Dr. Watson Basic Adventures in Space Part 1 X X
Dynapak Digital Slider X X
Dynapak Digital Space Adventure X X
Dynapak Digital Star Warrior X X
Epix Fun with Music X X
Epix Monster Maze X X
Epyx Rescue at Rigel X X
Epyx Crash, Crumble and Chomp X X
Galactic Space Shuttle X X
Handic VIC Stat X X
Handic VIC Forth X X
HES VIC Forth C301 X X
HES VIC Mon C302 X X
HES Turtle Graphics C303 X X
HES HES Writer C304 X X
HES Synthesound C306 X X
HES Shamus C307 X X
HES Protector C308 X X
HES Robot Panic C310 X X
HES Gridrunner C312 X X
HES Predator C316 X X
HES Attack of the Mutant Camels C318 X X
HES Kindercomp C322 X X
HES Story Maschine C323 X X
HES Facemaker C324 X X
HES Kids on Keys C325 X X
Hes Story Machine X X
Hes Kids on Keys X X
Hes Alphabet Zoo X X
Hes Face Maker X X
Hi Teck Missile Command X X
Hi Teck 3D Maze X X
Hi Teck Invader Fall X X
Hi Teck Asteroid Belt X X
Imagic Atlantis 720051-1A X X
Imagic Dragonfire 720052-1A X X
Imagic Gemon Attack 720050-1A X X
Imagine Wacky Waiters X X
Imagine catcha snatcha X X
Imagine Bewitched X X
Imagine Frantic X X
Interceptor Software Spezial Limited Edition 1 Nr 012 129 XXX X X
Interceptor Software Falcon Fighter X X
Interceptor Software Crazy Kong X X
Interceptor Software Villain X X
Interceptor Software VIC Rescue 1982 X X
Intervace AGE Exbasic Level II 1982 X X
Jeschke Klaus 32/27k Ram X X
Kingsoft Super Screen VP088 Vic Pack 1983 X X
Koala Tech Dancing Bear X X
K-Tel Plague / Alien Demon Double Sider X X
K-Tel Supavaders / Bomber Run Double Sider X X
Laing Marketing LDT Zorgon´s Kingdom SRC-215 X X
Laing Marketing LDT Time Destroyers SRC-213 X X
Laing Marketing LDT Alphoids SRC-205 X X
Laing Marketing LDT Animal Magic SRC-214 X X
Laing Marketing LDT Galaxia SRC-222 X X
Laing Marketing LDT Blockburster SRC-221 X X
Live Wire Skramble X X
Live Wire Gridtrap 1982 X X
Live Wire Alpha Blaster X X
Live Wire Multitron 1983 X X
Live Wire Scorpion SP15 X X
Live Wire Invaders 1983 X X
Llamasoft Andes Attack X X
Llamasoft Matrix LLA 12005 1983 X X
Llamasoft Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the edge of Time LLA 11006 X X
Llamasoft Laserzone LLA 12004 X X
Llamasoft Gridrunner LLA 11002 1982 X X
Llamasoft Abductor 1982 X X
Lyversoft Riddle of the Sphinx X X
Lyversoft Hopping Mad X X
Mac Games Space travel 1982 X X
Markt & Technik Kassette zum Buch Das VC-20 Buch X X
Mastertronic Neutron Zapper IV 0032 X X
Mastertronic Phantom Attack 1V 0011 X X
Mastertronic Duck Shoot 1V 0001 X X
Mastertronic New York Blitz IV 0034 X X
Mastertronic 3d-Maze IV 0012 X X
Mastertronic Space Skramble 1V 0019 X X
Mastertronic Sub Hunt 1V 0026 X X
Mastertronic Hektic IV 0023 X X
Mastertronic Rockman IV 0068 X X
Mastertronic Psycho Shopper IV 0031 X X
Mastertronic Undermine IV 0029 1984 X X
Mega Space Pirate X X
Melbourn The Wizard & the Princess X X
Melbourn Cosmonaut X X
Melbourn Innovative Cassette 2 X X
Melbourn Innovative Cassette 3 X X
Mogul Earthquake X X
Mogul Chomper Man X X
Mortech The Quest of Merravid X X
Mr. Chip Soft Kwazy Kwaks X X
Mr. Chip Soft Pacmania X X
Mr. Micro RAMDAM X X
MSD Inc. 24k Ram 1982 X X
MSD Inc. 40*25 Communication Terminal VTE-40 1982 X X
Novasoft Dungeon Droid X X
Novasoft Torian Follies Advent 1 Seaquest X X
Ocean Caterpilla X X
Paramount Chocabloc X X
Parker Frogger PB1410 X X
Parker Q*Bert PB1420 X X
Parker Tutankham PB1430 X X
Phoenix Four gates to Freedom X X
Pixel Pixel Power QPV 0020 1982 X X
Pixel Starquest Encounter QPX/V/018 1982 X X
Pixel Harvester QPV 0019 1982 X X
Postern Siege - VIC20 X X
Quicksilver Pixel X X
Quicksilver Skyhawk X X
Quicksilver Tornado X X
Rabbit English Invaders X X
Rabbit Orbis X X
Rabbit Rabbit Calc X X
Rabbit Cyclons X X
Rabbit Anti Matter Splatter X X
Rabbit Lunar Rescue X X
Rabbit Paratropers X X
Rabbit Quackers X X
Rabbit Frogger X X
Rabbit Myriad X X
Rabbit Escape MCP X X
Rabbit Code Breaker X X
RAM Electronics 16k Ram 3k + 16k X X
RAM Electronics 32k Ram 3k, 16k, 24k or 24k+BLK5/Ram 1,2,3 X X
Romik Multisound Synthesizer G 1002 X X
Romik Sword of Hrakel G 1013 X X
Romik Space Attack G 1008 X X
Romik The Golden Apples of Zeus G 1016 X X
Romik Mavtian G 1001 X X
Romik Space Escort G 1022 X X
Sega Star Trek 004-04 X X
Sega Buck Rogers Planet of Zoom 005-04 X X
Sega Congo Bongo 006-04 X X
SFV 3D Silicon Fish X X
Sierra Crossfire CFL-401 X X
Sierra Lunar Leeper LLL-401 X X
Sierra Threshold THL-401 X X
Sierra Cannonball Blitz CBL-401 X X
Sierra Jawbreaker II JBL-401 X X
Sirius Fast Eddie X X
Sirius Snake Byte X X
Sirius Turmoil X X
Sirius Type Atak X X
Sirius Capture the Flag X X
Sirius Spider City X X
Software Projekts Doddo Lair X X
Software Projekts The Perils of Willy 1984 X X
Solar Software Super Breakout X X
Solar Software Caverb Raider X X
Solar Software Gun Fight 1982 X X
Sonnen Verlag AG Games 2001 N.1
Sparklers Fouth Encounter TNAA 331 X X
Spectrum Games Road Frog X X
SSS Revenge of the Quadra X X
Stack Simon X X
Stack Othello X X
Stack Seek & Destroy X X
Stack Live X X
Stack Programmers Aid VICKIT 1 X X
Stack Supergraphics Programming Aids     2*Modul 2*IC VICKIT 2 X X
Stack Supergraphics VICKIT 3 X X
Stack Tapeloader 6fach VICKIT 4 X X
Stack 6502 Assembler      2*Modul 2*IC VICKIT 5 X X
Stonechip Elec. 16k Ram X X
Stonechip Elec. Programmers Aid X X
Sumlock Astro Fighters X X
Sumlock Triad SP03 X X
Sumlock Puzzle Pack SP12 X X
Sumlock Space Rescue SP10 X X
Sumlock Skramble SP01 X X
Tay Soft VIC New York X X
Terminal Line up4 / Reversi X X
Terminal Soft Meteor Blaster X X
Terminal Soft Pinball Wizard X X
The Compha Room Quiz Data 500 X X
Thor 3D Silicon Fish X X
Thor Lov Bug X X
Thorn EMI River Rescue THC 22001 X X
Thorn EMI VIC Music Composer THC 22002 X X
Thorn EMI Submarine Commander THC 22003 X X
Thorn EMI Mutant Hero THC 22004 X X
Thorn EMI Computer War THC 22006 X X
Thorn EMI Mine Madness THC 22008 X X
Thorn EMI Tank Commander X X
Tigervision Polaris X X
Tigervision Springer X X
Tom Mix Software Snackman X X
Tronix Scorpion X X
U.M.I The Alien VP033 Vic Pack 1981 X X
U.S. Technologies 8k Ram X X
UMI Alien Blitz X X
UMI Amok X X
UMI Outworld X X
UMI Cloudburst X X
UMI Meteor Run X X
UMI Renaissance X X
UMI Skibbereen X X
UMI Satellites and Meteorites X X
UMI Video Vermin X X
UMI Spiders of Mars X X
UMI Amok CVT-6111 X X
Vigin Games Envahi VGC 3002 X X
Vigin Games Creepers X X
Vigin Games Mission Mercury X X
Vigin Games Them A Paranoid Fantasy X X
Vision Snooker X X
Vision Maze Gold X X
Vixel Warp Fifteen Rail 1982 X X
Vixel Fire Draw Race 1981 X X
Vixen 16k Ram X X
Voice World 24k Golden Ram Expansion X
Voyager Mowermania X X
Wicosoft Der Fluch des Pharao
Xonox Double-Ender Chuck Norris and Artillery Duel 6235 1983 X X
Xonox Double-Ender Robin Hood and Sir Lancelot 6225 1983 X X
Xonox Double-Ender Spike´s Peak and Ghost Manor 6215 1983 X X
Xonox Artillery Duel 1983 X X
Xonox Ghost Manor 1983 X X
Simple Simon VP011 Vic Pack X X
Skymath VP029 Vic Pack X X
Minikit VP054 Vic Pack X X
Blockade VP071 Vic Pack X X
Kosmic Kamikaze VP053 Vic Pack X X
VICAT VP020 Vic Pack X X
Kaktus VP086 Vic Pack X X
Code Maker Code Breacker VP047 Vic Pack X X
Star Wars VP034 Vic Pack X X
Spiders of Mars VP092 Vic Pack X X
VICALC VP012 Vic Pack X X
Astro Blitz VP072 Vic Pack X X
The Tomb of Drewan VP065 Vic Pack X X
Hangman Hangmath VP044 Vic Pack X X
Space Division VP030 Vic Pack X X
Bonzo VP064 Vic Pack X X
Cortek and the Microchips 1 X X
Teddy VP089 Vic Pack X X
VIC Trap / Seawolf Bounce out VP046 Vic Pack X X
Outworld VP094 Vic Pack X X
Cloudburst VP093 Vic Pack X X
Mangrove VP084 Vic Pack X X
A Country Garden VP085 Vic Pack X X